Message Box: Empty ChosenButton Output

Hi Team,

In Message Box Activity, In Properties if i give certain time in AutomaticallyCloseAfter and store ChosenButton Output then the output is showing empty value even if I’m pressing button before Close time.



Isn’t it supposed to work? , because lets say use case: if user clicks yes then do x process, if clicks no then do y process, if user not clicked any button for an specified time and it got auto-close then continue with rest of the flow


Yeah it should store the value yes or no in the ChosenBtnResult variable. Not sure why it is not working.

Could you pls increase the time span and try. Thanks.

Hi @binamra_barik

In your case, if user clicked on specific button (Ex:Yes), you are invoking a respective flow right?
So anyway we need a user interaction to proceed. I such a case why can’t we think about to eliminate ‘AutomaticallyCloseAfter’ property.

Please refer the below, without AutomaticallyCloseAfter it’s working fine.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

Hi, I tried earlier not working

Hi, indeed there are many ways to do the same but like I mentioned in the use case, its not about finding alternative way, its to assess why output not being stored if button is clicked before timeout


I believe AutomaticallyCloseAfter property is introduced to close the appeared message/information box automatically by specifying the time. In such a case the value of ButtonChosen will be always ‘OK’ irrespective of the options we kept in the message box.

But, if you are expecting a specific option ( it could be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’) should be chosen from the message box by the user, the AutomaticallyCloseAfter property should be set to 00:00:00

So as a conclusion, DON’T set AutomaticallyCloseAfter property if you are expecting mandatory user input.

This is my understanding.

@ppr - Help us with your insights on this. Please correct me if am wrong.

Thank you.

In addition,

Here is the flow for continuing with remaining steps in a case you set AutomaticallyCloseAfter property and user didn’t clicked on any of the button. (in cash case default value will be ‘Ok’)


Hope this will help you. Thank you.

A formal RnD round came out with following:

AutomaticallyCloseAfter: set to 3 seconds YesNoCancel Button

  • Case: not clicking any button - ChosenButton: “OK”
  • Cases: clicking any button - ChosenButton: “”

AutomaticallyCloseAfter: not set - YesNoCancel Button

  • Cases: clicking any button - ChosenButton: has the Value of the clicked Button

Repeated also with other ButtonOptions: OkCancel - Result as above

Fazit: it seems that Requirements/Expectations/Design/Implementation is not on a common page


  • give a feedback to UiPath here or over:

By remembering some user comments/wishes I would recommend (an opinion, not a specification)

  • AutomaticallyCloseAfter is not set:

    • ChosenButton: has the Value of the clicked Button
  • AutomaticallyCloseAfter is set:

  • ChosenButton: has the Value of the clicked Button

  • ChosenButton: has the value: “” when no Button was clicked

So we can clearly react on the states


Thank you so much Peter for clarifying this :slight_smile:

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