Message Box AutomaticallyCloseAfter Corrupts Output Value

I updated to UiPath.UiAutomation.Activites 21.10.X & UiPath.System.Activites 21.10.X to use the Feature from the Messagebox to close after certain Time.
My Problem now is, if i set the time to 00.00.00 it don’t close which is right and i get in my Output which Button is pressed.
If i set anytime, after it run down i get the Output “Ok” which is also good, but if i press any Button while the time is running i get no Output so i my workflow doesn’t know which button is pressed.
Is this a bug or a feature ? If it is a feature could we get a setting to switch it so we get the ChoseButton Output again ?

Hi @Carsten_Hampel

Could you maybe provide a screenshot of your specific configuration of the activity?

@Carsten_Hampel thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue, if automatically close is enabled the ChoseButton loses value. We will have this fixed in the next release (22.2 or 22.4)


Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

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