Merging two excel files with formulas

Hello everyone,

I’m still working on this issue where I have one giant database (table 1) that’s kept as an Excel file with about 100 columns (…), and I just need to append values from a second input table (e.g. col A from table 2 goes underneath col H in table 1, col B from table 2 goes underneath col AB in table 1 etc.). So far, I’ve managed to at least merge the input table into the database using various assign activities to rename the column names; however, while the values are being appended into the correct columns, they first show up around row 10,000 - and they were supposed to go into the 10th row and below. I’m guessing this is because of formatting and formulas that already exist in every row in the database, meaning that other cells show “N/A” because the source cells (where the values from the input table need to go) are empty, but they’re not being filled by UiPath because it only starts at the first “truly” empty cells.
Since those formulas are super important to the database and I can’t delete them nor the formatting, I’m wondering how I can tell the program to append starting in the 10th row while looking for the right columns.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi @BintaS

Could you post a screenshot of your workflow?

Of course, here you go: