Merging Two datatable rows one by one


My Requirement is like
I need to compare the columns of two files Lets Say it one is Excel and another is .mht files
In a folder we have only one Excle file and multiples .mht files it can be 3 or 4 or anything.
So our one Excel file Should compare with each .mht files one by one.

After Comparision the output Should be like: If 4 .mht files are present

1st row of Excel
1st row of .mht1
1st row of .mht2
1st row of .mht3
1st row of .mht4

2nd row of Excel
2nd row of .mht1
2nd row of .mht2
2nd row of .mht3
2nd row of .mht4
and so on

So pls help me how to make the output formate like this

How can we compare excel with .mht files ??

maybe you can elaborate more on how you did readin the data from mht file or can also share a sample.

In general we can do such merges by iterating over a series of row indexes and can access the particular row with the current looped index info

Hi @Doonline ,

May be you can explain with a better example so that we can get more clarification on the requirement.


By extracting it in a datatable

mht are store in a datatable

so, if it is already in datatable then you can process as described above mentioning the access by row index

how we can mention the row index in a blank datatable

we would bring all datatables into a list of datatables
with a nested loop the different datatables will be merged into a common datatables row by row
for this we will access it row by row with a loop index used for the row index

In case of further questions just share some sample data and we will help you based in this