Merging tables from pages with no next button and adding variables as extra columns

Hi everyone I am new to UI path so apologies if I don’t fully understand the responses. I am trying to automate a web scraping system for a rugby league sports site that extracts data and outputs it in a csv file. An example of a game I want to scrape is attached here Melbourne vs Warriors Live Statistics - Premiership Round 1, 2008 I want to scrape the player stats data from both teams and put them in a table together. Currently I can only get one teams data as if I select yes at “is the data over multiple pages” and select the other team link it still only outputs one team.

The only solution I can think of would be to extract each seperately and merge the tables but given I want to automate this process to scrape every game from 2008 to 2019 I’m not sure this is possible on a large scale. I also want to add on columns at the end where the data would be the same for all players containing the date of the game and the stadium and store this data in a column next to all the players so I can compare across games.

Is what I am trying to do something which is feesable using UI path? Kind Regards in advance,

UPDATE: So I have put together this workflow so far. This uses the Excel list I’ve attached with the URLs and I can get into a For Each row loop. The problem is I dont know what the next step should look like to actually extract the data tables I want from the URLs and then how to merge them. Hope this helps provide some further detail. PlayerStats.xaml (9.3 KB) UI 6 Rounds Input.xlsx (9.3 KB)