Merging of four Excel spreadsheets of varying size with StudioX only

I have four Excel spreadsheets each with the same 7 column headers but varying number of rows (e.g. one spreadsheet has 20 rows, while the others have may 50, 12 or 100 rows). How do I merge these files into one large Excel file ? I know how to merge it in Studio but can somebody please tell how to merge these four files into one file in STUDIOX ? Thank you !

@Prinal_C - You can try like…Here I have merged 4 files into my output.xlsx

All my input files have 7 rows, File 1=25 rows, File2=50, File3=100, File4=100

Thank you @prasath17 . The third block is not clear to me (1.1.1 Use Excel File). What does it do ? What is Full Path ? When I tried it, it asked for a particular Excel file. Which of the four files is in this block ?

@Prinal_C …that is your input files …

Idea is …first I read my output file and then in the for each loop I am reading my input files and merging them to the output file.

I am outside now, once I am back I will share the workflow.

Hi @Prinal_C …Here you go (155.5 KB)

Run the file as is, you will see output.xlsx has been created from the data from 4 input files.

Hope this helps.

@prasath17 thank you ! This is now working.

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