Merging of folder's file

merging the 2 different excel with different sheets in the dropdown and combine them in one sheet with the same drop down pattern
Analytics and AI(1) (1).xlsx (429.9 KB)
Analytics and AI(2).xlsx (429.8 KB)

Hello @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay , Read the Excel 2 and append the value in Excel 1 using append range activity.
Note: Excel append range activity sholud used in Excel application scope.

Gokul Jai

I didn’t got you

could you please elaborate a bit more

As i m new to automations !


  1. Read the Analytics and AI(2).xlsx (429.8 KB) , Store value in variable DT2
  2. Use Excel Application scope, Give path of Analytics and AI(1) (1).xlsx (429.9 KB)
    2.1 use Append Range Activity in this scope.
    2.2 Give sheet name
    2.3 pass the DT2 in it.
    3.Run the process, Excel will append the value into Analytics and AI(2).xlsx (429.8 KB)
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Thank you buddy !

I m learning alot


Hi @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay ,

As an alternate, maybe you can check the below workflow as well. It might be helpful in providing you additional ideas on how to process Sheets dynamically. (134.2 KB)

actually i don’t want to see the output in a single sheet i want to see the output in the different , the same mistake i did it previously also :sweat_smile:

i m just able to append for single sheet not all of the sheets

for appending all the sheets wht should i do

@Raina_Ocean_Sanjay ,

Could you explain what output format is actually expected ?

Analytics and AI(2) (3).xlsx (433.3 KB)

i m expecting the output as i have for the emp01 sheet but i m only able to do that for emp01 sheet not for every single sheet .

Ocean .

For Different Sheets you need to repeat the process otherwise you can loop the process according to the Sheets.
For more details, Kidly reger this

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