Merging non-unique rows in DT

I have this simple datatable, with some rows being there multiple times.
I would like to merge the non-unique lines, so that my end result would be like this with summed prices for and with one line for each itemnumber.

Is there an easy way to merge the rows by summing up column “PRICE” and keeping itemnumber and qty.

The excel is just for showing, the data will be kept and handled as a datatable.

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See the use of LINQ for this here:

You could also use Pivot Table activities to achieve the required results

Very nice, i will have a look into that, thanks !

Hello @MarkusDS

As Also suggested by @ronanpeter this can be easily done using LinQ

I recreated the same scenario(Datatable) and applied LinQ query on it to get the desired result.

Check this workflow for better understanding

GroupBY.xaml (8.0 KB)

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Same, put together this which should help: (2.1 KB)

Thanks @ronanpeter and @vickydas

It works perfectly and it is kept as a DT so i can process it futher, thanks :slight_smile:

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