Merged File Error


I am getting Error while doing the Merged PDF File activity .

Attached here Error for your ready reference

Please help some on with this error

Hi @Navnit_Ghadigaonkar,

That error means that one of the folders in your filepath doesn’t exist. Try going to each folder in the filepath and see which one is missing.


Try as below

This will include sub folders in your path

Directory.GetFiles(FilePath,“*.pdf”, SearchOption.AllDirectories)

This will include only your main folder

I believe you have keep FilePath into Quotes



I beleive filepath is your variable where you stored the folder location

And I see in directory.getfiles you enclosed filepath in inverted comma…please remove them…variables should not be in inverted comma

If you place any value between inverted comma it is considered as string and not as variable

Hope this helps