Merge two excel without know the range and append to another excel files


I like to merge two data excel files into one data excel files. Basically i need to know the first data excel and define the row and column automatically and append the row and column into the second data excel in the same sheet the second data excel (copy the data at the end of second data excel).

Is it possible doing this? Im still new at UIpath and sorry for asking too much question



used merge data table activity inputs as Source file is data table output (DT1) of 1 st excel and destination as data table output(DT2) as 2nd excel. and in write range activity give data table as DT2

thanks @nenavana1 for the reply.
But i already do that.
for example : Read range from B:S column, if the column contains blank cell than it returns error.
What im asking is read the row and column in the first excel and calculate how much row and column in the first excel data and moved to the second excel. of course after calculate the second excel data row and column and paste into the end of second excel data.
is there any way i can do that?

Sorry for my late reply