Merge screenshots to PDF


My bot scrolls webpages and saves screenshots into a folder for each site given in an excel spreadsheet. Each folder has a unique number of images because some sites have more to scroll than others.

How can I merge all of the images in a folder into a single pdf?

Thank you!

Hi @J111 (686.1 KB)

Try this…!


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Hello @kadiravan_kalidoss,

Thank you. I am not a developer so I want to clarify some of the code sent over.

In the second invoke workflow code, do I need to create the variables wherever there is dim in the line? When I looked at the code in my workflow there is an error for things like document and pdfwriter not being defined or declared.

More guidance would be helpful. Thank you!


Hi @J111,

Please install this package,


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I installed the package and restarted uipath and am still receiving same error.

project.json (1.0 KB)

I have added all the dependencies. Delete your project.json file and keep the above file. test once. @J111


I deleted my project.json file and replaced it with the one you sent. It looks like that has removed another package I installed to crop images, UiPathTeam.ImageActivities.Activities by UiPath. I re-installed it and now it’s saying my activities are unresolved for cropping images, which is imperative for this project.