Merge rows with varied column in data table

Hello All,

I have a situation where I need to merge rows with variable column values in Data Table based on a primary key.
I have tried several methods with no success.

Input Data Table

Output Data Table


May you please help to suggest a solution.

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both the row values is diff. are you sure if its lost the data duplicate name row datas?


Yes, actually I have a situation where the first field of the row is key which can be duplicate with different values as mentioned in Input Data Table. I need the consolidated list for a Key in single row without loosing any information in value fields.( Duplicate values are allowed for non key fields.).

Hello @rohit_srivastava
i have done it using these steps :-

first i read the sheet in our case this data

then i got max number of rows to add that many columns for our data.After getting the max number i added that many columns using Add range method can also be done by using for each and add data column activity

then i wrote all the data of a specific id in a sheet and added it in our new DT which was created from above step.

Then i wrote our final data in a new sheet

Check this workflow for better understanding

clumGroupby.xaml (47.8 KB)