Merge multiple excel files into one

I have several excel files, in the download list. All the files have the same column structure, how could I unify them all?

Before doing the merge, it is necessary to delete row 1 and 2, because it is blank data. Row 3 has a header for each column.

I share an example of the structure of the columns

Name Surname CV Title Application date Last update Last login Age Marital status Nationality Identification Address Driver’s license Has own vehicle Disability Telephone Email Current situation Minimum salary Professional description Professional experience Max. studies Qualification Languages Computer knowledge Competences Filtering questions Suitability

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Hello @Julian_Torres_Torres ,
Create a template file with all the required columns as the header (we will append the data from each file to this file ) —> Template.xlsx

  1. Create a FilePath (array of string variable to store file names)
    Assign FilePath = Directory.GetFiles(YourDirectoryLocation)
  2. Use For loop for FilePath to loop thorough each file path,
    inside for loop
  3. Read the excel file using read range workbook / read range excel application scope activity → store data in DT1.
  4. After reading the use remove data row / delete row activity to delete the 1st 2 rows
  5. Now use append range activity and provide the file path of Template.xlsx

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Hello. Could you share the workflow file?

Additionally , The column is ad_name should slip in the new columns, using the “-” limiter, V - 47224 - Asistente administrativo - 02/07/23

The column created_time should be string “MM/DD/YYYY”
The column phone_number should be 10 caracteres from right to left
The column “K” should be re-writer to "¿How many years of experience ?

Each file located in downloads has the same column structure

I share two flow files, trying to perform the merge, and in both I get an error

Sample Excel.xls.xlsx (10.4 KB) (410.6 KB)
Multple (4.2 KB)

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