Merge documents

I want to merge 2 Text files into one File in ReFramework.
I tried to use Append Text Activity by watching random videos, unfortunately that Activity is not found.

Please let me know solution for this!


Maybe you can just read your first and second text files and store the result in 2 variables and do an assign activity like : AllText = Text1 + Text2. And then write in the desired file ?

Hi @Deva_Preethi,

Append Line activity is what you are looking for. It can be found in UiPath.Core.Activities package, so you must have this by default.




The scenario is,
There will be two files which has ticket in it, I have to merge those tickets and place it in one file . Each time , there will be different tickets processing.
Append line activity is not helpful because it wont read file path.

can I find any otherway to do this scenario? @Palaniyappan