Merge Databases

How to merge uipath_orch identity tables into the existing database?

Issue Description: Post upgrade to 2020.10.3, the identity tables are within a separate database called uipath_orch. How is it possible to merge uipath_orch identity tables into the existing database?

Resolution: Steps to merge the Identity database to the Orchestrator database, in case the database was created separately.

  1. Back up both databases, in case an issue is encountered, so a restore is done.
  2. On the Uipath_orch, right-click on the database that needs to be moved -> Tasks -> Generate Scripts


  1. Click Next and on the Choose Objects screen click on select specific database objects.
  2. From Tables check all the identity tables. And on the schema, select the identity schema.
  3. Click Next, on the Set Scripting Options, select "Save as script" file, and then Advanced.


  1. On the advance page, change Types of data to script from Schema to Schema and data. Click OK.


  1. Click Next and then Next again. When the script is finalized to be generated Click on finalize.
  2. Now, open the script that was just generated, modify the first line from Use [name_of_database] to Use [UiPath].
  3. Run the script. If no errors occurred, there is one more step required. Go to the Orchestrator installation folder, go into Identity folder (E.G. C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Identity) and here open the file appsettings.Production.json
  4. Change the connection string from:

"DefaultConnection": "Data Source=.\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=OldDatabaseName;User ID=User;Password=Password"


"DefaultConnection": "Data Source=.\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=NewDatabaseName;User ID=User;Password=Password"

  1. Restart Orchestrator and retest the connection to it.