Merge common cells in one cell

Is there way to do the following based on the booking no

From this

To this

Thanks in advance


After reading the excel and storing to datatable, use the below query in Assign activity:
DT=(From row In DT.Select Order By Convert.ToInt32(row(“NAME”)) Select row).ToArray.CopyToDatatable()

Hope this helps!

It looks like he wants to concatenate the common Booking No rows into one cell. Not sure why, but that’s what the example shows. Not just sort by Booking No.

Why is this what you’re trying to do?

@postwick My main goal is to send each booking number(group) details in separate email.
I can get the data sorted but not sure to send each group via email.

Get an table of unique booking numbers…

For Each Row in Datatable through that table

  • Filter mainDT based on current value
  • Concatenate into one string
  • Send as email
    //end for each

There’s no reason to try to group them in Excel the way you originally asked.

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