Merge 2 Data Tables with 1 Common Column

I have attempted to follow this instructional video, but encounter an error.

My goal is to add the “Lease End Date” column to table2 with the rows of table1 and table2 aligned to the common column of “Property ID”

Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue?



Please find the attached workflow and change it according to datatables.

JoinTables.xaml (10.5 KB)

Lakshman Ganta.

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Thank you for sharing. Could you please elaborate more on what specific changes I would need to make to use it for my purpose?


Have you checked that attached file or not ?

Make common column name as primary key. Here, make ‘Property ID’ as primary key in your case.

I did, but it isn’t self evident all of the steps I need to take in order to use it for my purposes.

Goal: To be able to add the “Lease End Date” column to a master spreadsheet matched by Property ID.

Steps I took with your workflow:

  1. created dt1 and dt2 by reading my two spreadsheets
  2. changed the assigns to New DataColumn() {dt1.Columns(“Property ID”)}
  3. Created an excel scope with an append range and input variable1, but there was an error since it is not a data table.

What steps should I take in order to meet my goal?