Mention Queue Name For Reporting And Transform The Output Received From HTTP Request To Excel Sheet

How to specify the queue name for which the reporting feature needs to be performed and also transform the output received from the HTTP request to Excel sheet?

Use below URL in order to access the swagger link as listed below: Queue Definitions Reports By Id .

The above API call takes Queue Definition ID as input and returns an excel file with the items in the queue.

Follow the below steps to get the Queue Definition ID from browser,

  1. Open the Orchestrator URL and open in the developer mode
  2. Open Queues page, look for the queue for which report needs to be pulled on
  3. In the Network panel, view all metadata that refers to the queue
  4. Note the Queue definition Id from the list

Note: The URL used is the Platform Orchestrator under UiPath Support Engineers' tenant (poyye). Replace the term *poyye accordingly.

Once Queue definition id is obtained, use the below endpoint which will give excel file as response URL: Queue Definitions Reports By Id

The URL should be in format: On-premise - add the following suffix: /swagger/ui/index#/ to the Orchestrator URL. For example,

Cloud Platform - add the account and tenant name, as well as the /swagger/ui/index#/ suffix to the URL. For example,

More details on Orchestrator API usage can be found at Orchestrator Reference .