Memory Usage


I have a 450MB CSV file that my process load to datatable and filter and write again to csv file and i get maximum memory usage in this process of 1.4GB, this is reasonable? or its to much for this process?
there is correlation between the size of the file to the memory usage of the load activity in UiPath?
What is the maximum memory usage that the UI Robot can handle?

BYT I load this file by splinting with c# code because i get memory exception when i try to load it by uipath read csv\generate to datatable

Make sure you release every object (variable) you are not using… if you read this file into memory, than that content will require the same amount of memory as its size, so you need to make sure you are not making copies of the same data in your project. 32 bit process have memory usage limit around that and max to 2GB…