Meet the UiPath Student Developer Champions 2022-2023!

UiPath Community team is extremely delighted to announce the UiPath Student Developer Champions for 2022-23. The champions have made it through a rigorous selection process and each bring their own set of strengths and skills to grow the automation Community.

Seventy-four Champions represent diversity in many ways including gender diversity (Boys 68%, Girls 32%) and geography (seven countries—India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the UAE).

Below is the list of the incoming UiPath Student Developer champions. Feel free to explore the student developer community, get in touch with champions in your area or worldwide, and discover the world of automation!

Stay tuned to be updated on the amazing things that the champions do!


The #uipathcommunity keeps building lives and contributing to career development for both students and professionals around the globe. Congrats to all the Student Developer Champions!! :wine_glass:

Kudos to my mentee, @Folorunso for this special recognition.


I’m fortunate to have you as my mentor. Thank you for the great skills and knowledge you’ve imparted to me.


Thank you very much for this opportunity.
I am Keshav Kant from Sree Vidyaniketan Engineering College.
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Thank you very much for this opportunity. Uipath
I am Ayush Rai from LNCT group of colleges.
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So proud of you Seb!!!

Thankyou so much for this opportunity and recognition .
I’m krishnakumar R from St. Joseph’s College of Engineering , Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
I hope that I’ll exceed your expectation.

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98% are from India. Why,?

Hi @Penn_Elvis, This is the second year of the program, growing and we want to partner up and map the program even better as per the educational calendar of other regions, countries, so there’ll be other announcements throughout the year about other student champs in other regions

Hello, I am Ammar from the University of Sharjah, UAE. Eternally grateful for this opportunity and very excited join, learn from, and help further this community. You can find me on linkedin, connect and say hi!


Thank you very much for this opportunity and recognition. UiPath
I am Pratham Pitty from G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Pune.
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Ahoy !
Firstly thanks to the UiPath community for giving such a wonderful opportunity.

Am S.Sidharth from PVP SIDDHARTHA institute of technology, vijayawada ,AP.

Hahah its kinda energetic meeting you all here sharing the same position as mine… Hope we all have a super enjoyable journey throughout !

Check me out on
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Thank you very much for this opportunity.
I’m Jaidon Gill Shajan, pursuing a Btech degree in Artificial intelligence and data science at, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai. I am an enthusiastic and motivated learner who is interested in utilising my expertise and knowledge thoroughly to solve real-world problems.

Let’s connect: Portfolio Jaidon Gill Shajan