Measuring loading times on a website


So I am still pretty new to UiPath, but I am basically sitting with a task where I need to figure out how long it takes for the front site of a website to fully load and an underlying site to fully load.
Which activities should I be using here, and then secondly I wanna figure out if long load times are caused by internal network issues or external factors. I know every execution gets logged, but is the execution time on a log specific enough for what I am searching for here? And is it even viable, if you wanna log for every user that enters your website?

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UiPath is not measuring tool, so times measured by it have always quite a big mistake in measuring (caused by searching of element in element tree). I would suggest to Google “website response measurement” :wink:

Thanks for the answer, I kinda figured as much, but what if I had to create a solution through UiPath? Is there any reliable way through using the activities on the platform? Or would I be better off coding something myself?

If you do not need accuracy, you can for example assign Now to variable, do measured action, and count Now - variable.
To find “if long load times are caused by internal network issues or external factors” is impossible from the end point. Usually this is overcome by measuring of response of the last network element (together with total response) and comparing responses.

UiPath has its own latency (compare to VB execution and their counterparts in UiPath Activities and you’ll see). I won’t use it for that.

Maybe the browser’s dev tools (usually F12) are good enough. Capture below is from Chrome. Click on “Network”, check “preserve log” and reload your page (clearing the cache too maybe). It will be limited to that user perspective.

try a search for most searched and for something never searched, get a detail page, follow login steps, etc. You’ll see symptoms.


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Have a look on the new approaches of UiPath Product family on testing and Webdrivers. Maybe a solution aligned on this in a pairing with selenium can take out the best from both