Measure process performance based on queue item

In our process, we have multiple applications to interact. Unique id is reference no. for process queue and determine which system is available or operational.

If System A is available then queue item represent system A specific detail.

If System B is available then queue item represent system B specific detail.

If System A, B are available then transaction item represent both systems.

Current scenario & limitation : transaction item contains values related to system A or B or A & B.

If i know savings of 2 days/month with system A, 3 days with system B. So it is taking more time to determine based on reference no - how much time savings per system because system details are inside transaction item having reference number.

What would be better way to resolve this problem statement and get better analysis with queue items

maybe you can use the progress field to flag which system / systems was worked on

@ppr : Can you summarize more. Is it related to add flags in transaction item or something else?

Current transaction item view

Queue view

TT-ABC Successful …

If i click inside transaction level then system level details are visible inside TT-ABC → below details are showing that ticket is related to System A.

System involved : [System A] or [System B] or [System A, System B]

System A User name : Abc34
System B User name : Empty

System A other property : dgbhii
System B other property : Empty