Meanings of execution type in UiPath Cloud's processes tab


In the UiPath Cloud’s Orchestrator, at the processes tab there, what is the meanings of execution type?

Normally it have how many type?

Cause when I upload a package and it shows unattended under the execution type there.

And this one is not showing in the Orchestrator on premise??

Thank you.


The toggle written here is the toggle inside studio?

It is the toggle under the breakpoints??

I though that it won’t affect the workflow.

Toggle here they mention it in orchestrator not in UiPath studio.

Oh, this toggle only exist in cloud? Does it exist in the Orchestrator on premise??

It is coming from project settings from studio

When we publish the project in orchestrator ,if it is set to yes, then the execution type becomes attended

:ok_hand: , thanks for your reply.

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