Meaning of a Condition Used in REFramework

What is meaning of the condition acturisProcessLimitCounter=0 in init state of RE Framework.where acturis is an application where processing is done.


Sorry i didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue and so that we can check and help you better in this.


Is the expression mentioned is correct because I haven’t seen any expression like this REFramework
Kindly check once and it looks like a counter of type int32 variable which is validated with its value until it reaches 0

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ya its correct it is acturisProcessLimitCounter=0

Can I have a screenshot of that if possible
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it is int32 type variable

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also tell me how can we put bot in continuous execution step where bot will keep on waiting for a task in queue.I mean do we put processlimitcounter to zero to keep bot in running state.

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I guess that is a variable created manually , not the default variable that comes from REframework

From your screenshot can understand that variable is int type variable

May be based on this number , you are doing some next steps in the process

This looks like newly inserted assign activity, as i havent seen any such variable used in REFramework
Kindly check that once, you can even validate that with just opening the REFramework template while creating a new project, choose REFramework template instead of blank process

and for this

we can use loop like WHILE LOOP, DO WHILE LOOP and FOR EACH activity
based on our need with a condition mentioned in it
while in REFramework this can be implemented inside the GET TRANSACTION STATE and PROCESS STATE by incrementing the transactionnumber

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