May I know the steps to add Abbyy Flexicapture Activities in UiPath Studio

Hi All,

When Can I see all the activities which related to ABBYY FlexiCapture as per the screenshot below in UiPath Studio?
I am not able to see even after installed "ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Connector for UiPath (v. ".
Can someone help with this question?

Hi @Pullarao9

Make sure that the activity is in the project.json in the “Dependencies” field. When the project loads, it takes those dependecies to load, maybe if you dont have it, anytime you start the process, UiPath is taking just the activities that you have in “Dependencies” inside project.json

Also, are you sure that you have installed the correct package? Have you tried to restart UiPath after the installation?

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Hi Pablo_Sanchez,

I just restarted and saw the same thing not able to find Engine and Tools based activities.
I can see a few activities please find in the screenshots, Do we have any specific configuration between ABBYY FlexiCaptureEngine and UiPath Studio to see the activities (Tools, Engine, Batch and Documents .ect…).

Please share documents/Links/Steps which describe more on ABBYY FlexiCapture activities (Tools, Engine, Batch and Documents .ect…).


Pullarao P

Hi All,

I can see AbbyyFlexiCaptureEngine activities from the below youtube videos.

Do we really have all these activities (Tools, Engine, Batch and Documents .ect…). as part of AbbyyFlexiCaptureEngine as per the videos?
I didn’t find any information related to AbbyyFlexiCaptureEngine activities from "". Please share me if anyone of you have the knowledge to enable or add AbbyyFlexiCaptureEngine to Uiapth Studio.


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