May I know how to change multiple pdf file in a folder

Hi all, May I know how to change the PDF file text, for example, I have this kind of text

Update TestABC to TestACD.
Update 123adb.6022.03.03.01 to 123adb.6022.03.04.01

Hi @li.yu,

as far as I know, the only way to accomplish what you want is to use the Type-Into/Set Text activity.

First you have to find a useful selector for the fields within the PDF document.

If you cannot find reliable selectors, try using Send-Hotkey activity with “tab”. That should cycle through all fields. Enter the required text in the necessary fields that way.

This is not a perfect solution, but it should work.


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Thanks, I tried, but not working for Type-Into/Set Text activity. And Send-Hotkey activity with “tab” not working too.

So how exactly isn’t it working? Can’t you find selectors for the fields, or are the selectors invalid when you run the process?

Thanks, @Mike_Goldes , it is working fine now, need to double click(Signal click not working) the fields I need to check, that means need if the fields need to be change, I need to select it first.

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