Matching with column A ,coulmn b should be written

I have two columns with ,so here taking reference as column a column b should be written

Text Date
HS12389 HP236789 HWE375634 13-Mar
HG3256798 HH1348946 14-Mar
HR167890 HR1234890 HD128900 HR347890 15-Mar
HN3256798 HK1348946 16-Mar
Expected OUTPUT
HS12389 13-Mar
HP236789 13-Mar
HWE375634 13-Mar
HG3256798 14-Mar
HH1348946 14-Mar
HR167890 15-Mar
HR1234890 15-Mar
HD128900 15-Mar
HR347890 15-Mar
HN3256798 15-Mar

The first coulmn A in output i got using below assign activity ,but column B is where am facing issue.
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches( variable,“H[0-9A-Z]+”)

can someone help me

@Karthik_Kulkarni Can you check this Workflow :
Split Values Add (9.5 KB)

Check the Input File, It will contain the Output Sheet. Delete that. Execute the Workflow. Check the file again.

It should be the required output