Matching Partial Name Matches from two different sources

Hi I’m trying to match two difference sources of names is a search that displays multiple names. How can I match the two names if they are slightly different.

Such as a search in the software for Doe, John. The search results maybe either be with an initial or with the spouse as part of the name. Doe, John A. or Doe, John and Doe, Jane. There may also be multiple people with different initial and the same first and last name.

What should I do to tackle this problem multiple IFs each with a different Is Match?

I want to match the two strings and then from there use the index of the search results table to click the name of the person.

This may help:

It takes the two strings and compares the characters in each, outputting a % of characters that are in both. You can then use that % as a match certainty you are happy with. For example IF % > 90% then do something with the data.

I have used Fuzzy Lookups in VBA for matching names based on this code. It works great. If you were working with the data in excel in could be another option: