Matching more than one column in excel

I have two excel sheets
Excel A :- Raw Data
Excel B :- Matching data
OutPut Sheet:- For output

Query. :-i wanted to match both the excel A & B and display the output in Output sheet.
but Matching from Excel A need to done with different column i have mentioned the same in Excel B.
and in output i need all the columns of Excel A and Excel B.

Output sheet requires:-(append colums )
only the matched data of both the excels
All the columns of Excel A + All the columns of Excel B.

please help i am really (21.4 KB)

please help anyne

Anyone please assist on this

ok. So basically we have to pick details from your excel B and give the result found in excel A based on identifier. am i correct?

Hi @Sonia_012

Can u give a screenshot of how output should look like?

Hi @Sonia_012 ,

You can use something like this:

Please find here a starter help: Matching.xaml (7.1 KB)

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Hi @nv08

yes correct !! basically

  • Excel A is the raw data and Excel B is the Matched Data from another input File.
    Next step is i need to compare both the files based on the column B and Column C.
    where bot will first filter the “column C” and pick “Name” and the match the data which is in column B with Excel A.
    and output the complete line of Excel A

I hope i am not confusing you!! please let me know if i need to explain more
THank you in advance

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Please find attached output screenshot. please let me know if i need to explain more
thank you in advance

Hi @Marius_Puscasu,

Thank you so much but we need comparison in both the excel A and B.

From Excel B =
First Two Line items are matching with Name in Excel A
Next two Line items are matching with Net_Number in Excel A
Next two are matching with Status with Excel A … and so on.

i hope i am not confusing you…
below is the image frm Excel B where in i have highlighted in yellow which are getting matched from Excel A.

Main.xaml (12.8 KB)
The task is completed but i am not able to get a clue how to put those in data table. kindly check once and reply if it meet your needs

Which is common column in both table ?

Hi @Aleem_Khan,

Common column is multiple which is mentioned in ExcelB =“Identifyer From Excel A”

Hi @Sonia_012 ,

Is this the expected result?

If so, please replace the sequence of the input data tables from the Join activity. Please find here the help starter updated: Matching.xaml (7.5 KB)

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hi @nv08
yes, thank you so much but i just need one more favor… in output i need to include columns of ExcelB as well
currently you have achieved the matching of Excel A and Excel B…
below is the screen shot for reference…

so you can create datatable using build data table

i am trying to put the result in DT first and then i think i have to use build data table ?? i meant after for each activity.
Main.xaml (12.8 KB)

Matching.xaml (10.2 KB)
check this hope this help

i think i could not explain you properly. i need to compare first Excel A and Excel B. and the output should have only the matched column.
i request you to please look into the xaml file i have attached. Main.xaml (12.8 KB)

this Xaml has the desired output but i am also struggling on below two Points.

  • how to get that in output
  • add all the columns from Excel B on that output


Wait I will try to figure out some solution to this.