Matching excel line item and entering the same in application line item

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I need help in automation case.

I need to fill the line item rate from an excel sheet by matching the item name. For example if the line item name and excel item name sheet matches I need to take the rate value from excel sheet and fill in the rate column in my application. Sometimes there will more line item in excel sheet instead of one. So in application also multiple line items will be present. I need to match each line item name from excel sheet and match with every single line item name in application and then enter the corresponding value in rate column.


I need to enter the values of line items 2,977.58 and enter into the rate column of application. If the amount value is 0 in excel sheet that particular line item will not populate in application. I just need to enter the value of those line items in excel which has value other than 0. zero values of excel items will not populate in application hence if one line item has value and rest three 0 in excel , in application i need to enter only single line item value from matching from excel sheet


Depending on innertext… use get attribute and get the tablerow and then use the table row to identify the required row and tablecol will control the column


Hi Anil,

Here I need to match the name with my excel line item name also. and then whatever value of the line item in excel put the value in application with same line item name.


But the names on excel are not matching with application exactly? Or not wven close?

If they are matchign use that name as innertext …you can make innertext a variable and use



ok let me try.will let you

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