Matching Excel Content


I have an excel file(refer in attachment)sample.xlsx (8.7 KB)

In the excel i need to find the wrong matched entries and copy those entries to new excel file.
For example(wrt attached excel) in 1st row i’m taking the data of “Num”(1) and “Pnum”(2) subsequent “Balance”(-1000560), the rule is i need to verify whether there is the same “Balance”(but +ve) with vice-versa of “Num” and “Pnum” values. For ex. look into 6th row in excel having “Num”(2) and “Pnum”(1) having “Balance”(1000560), if the balance is not proper then i need to print in new excel file.
For Example of wrong values in attached excel you can look into 5th and 8th row, 9th and 10th

My new excel file should contain all the columns like in original file.