Matching dates Using Linq Query

I have excel
user will give random date if given date available in start date column bot should fetch given date and next to that date using linq query

filteredDT =“Start Date >= '”+inputDate+“'”).copytodatatable

filteredDT =
(from r in
where r >= inputDate
select r).copytodatatable

greater than user date

Thanks in advance

Hi @srujana13a5 ,

You Could also try with the below approach :

DT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x)CDate(x("Start Date"))>=CDate(InputDate)).ToList

Where InputDate is your Date in String format.

Follow below on Converting List of DataRows to Datatable :

If the Above doesn’t give you the Correct results, we would want to know what is the format of the Input Date that is being used.

ok, i edited:=) should be good now, best of luck