Matching Datatable with another Datatable

Hello everyone,

I have an issue; I have 2 DTs, ExtractDataTable and in_superFundDisregarded.

ExtractDataTable contains a several columns and rows of data. One of these columns contains a string that I want to search in_superFundDisregarded for. If it’s located in in_superFundDisregarded, I want to remove the row from ExtractDataTable.

I’m currently doing this, but it’s not working:

I’m using an Output Data Table activity but it is not returning any data.

Can anyone assist?

Hi @Clintonnn

You can do like this,

In assign activity

Replace yourcolunnname with the 1st column name in datatable

Extracttable =“[yourcolunnname] = '”+in_superFundDisregarded+"’ ").copytodatatable

After use output datatable and check

And for your method,

Put in_superFundDisregarded.equals(row(0).tostring)

Let me know if it’s not working


Hello @Clintonnn
You can’t use remove Data Row inside For each row, so I suggest use For each i (reverse arrary in order to remove row) (3.1 KB)

Thanks for your assistance guys. I have decided to extract the DT row to a variable, then use the variable to search the second DT. Although it’s not as efficient, it’s easier :slight_smile:

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