Matching Data

How do I find if one line of scraped data has a match in an entire data table set.

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Hi @Zachary_Oliver,


Kindly refer to the below steps that you can handle to solve your issue.

  1. Usually datatable set can be read as array of datarows in for each loop (not for each row loop) like DtName.rows in for each loop input value

  2. Now the item value from for each loop will have datarows (that is one line of scraped data) as you mentioned.

  3. Now you can add another for each loop inside this for each loop, using if condition whether there is any match in entire data table set, in sequence like

–for each loop
–assign data row value from item to a variable with datarow type (variable name : firstdtrow)
–create another for each loop with same data table and its datarow
–use if activity with condition like item = firstdtrow (item here stores the datarow of the entire datatable set which can be compared individually one by one with previous loop output of single datarow value in that variable)

With this we can find the matching data…

Kindly revert if i have understood the query wrongly…

Hope this would help you…


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