Matching data used in web search to results

Hello again,

How can I map searched data on web with uipath to result

For example, there is more than one code in the results of the stock code 34500 search, I want it to directly get the value of this code.



Its looks like structured data and Data Scraping should work here.

After searching required data and use Data scraping to read the data and it will give output as DataTable. And then use Filter DataTable activity or select or Linq query to fetch the required row data.

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Thanks for your support @lakshman , I have this diagram. Can you show me how to do it on the picture?


Use Data Scraping instead of Get Text activity here. We will use Get Text activity to read value from particular element and if position is fixed. I guess here output position is not fixed and it may found it in any row right. So I am suggesting to use Data Scraping here.

I don’t know how to do this the problem is there

Hi @A_Zyzz_Man ,

Could you try using the Extract Table Data Activity instead of the Get Text?


This outputs a DataTable which we can use to Filter out the values we want.

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I was able to select the titles of the table on the site, I just want the code to draw the price of the one that is equal to the one in the search place


If that is the case, then could you verify whether AfterSearch is of type DataTable?

I would suggest viewing the Extracted data first in Immediate before trying to filter it, just to ensure that the bot extracts the header values as expected.

Conversly, you may also use LINQ for this like so:

Assign lst_checkValues-> To variable of type List

Dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(w) w("Perakende (Kdv Dahil)").ToString.Equals(str_price)).ToList()

If → lst_checkValue.Count() > 0

Dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(w) w("Perakende (Kdv Dahil)").ToString.Equals(str_price)).CopyToDataTable()

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Ashwin A.K