Matching a string variable to any item in a column of an extracted data table

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I have a task within my bot that I’m stuck on. My goal is to grab a string variable from a website using the get text activity, then compare that string variable to a column in a data table and return true or false if the variable mostly matches an item on the list.

For example, I might pull a few different string values from a website such as (McDonald’s, mcdonalds, mcdonald, etc…) But on my datatable I would only have McDonald’s. So I want to be able to return true by matching “mcdonald” to the “Mcdonald’s” value on my list. Would I use some kind of regex, or fuzzy match activity for this?

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Check my below Posts for your reference

You can use Contains instead of equal

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This mostly solved my problem! I incorporated a VBA function to fuzzy match an input, and then I’ll have UIpath take the output back to the website.


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