Can anyone help me on this please.

I’m trying to figure out how to extract only number 15 on this :


PS: it can change from 15 to 1500…

I have done this, but can’t find out how to remove everything before the number 15


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @mz3bel

It has to be done through regex, but a quick work around is split this string by > it will give you an array then second element of array will be your number


Yes, i know i’m stuck with the regex problem.

I tried, but can’t convert IEnumerable to String

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No problem do you have a sample workflow? Also, you can try string.join() to get string from IEnumerable

No, i don’t have a sample workflow, i get the text from get text activity than i use matches to get the expression i posted.

I ll look for string.join() to see if it works for me

Thank you!

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Hi @mz3bel,

It’s been a while :slight_smile:
Please check this sample workflow: (11.9 KB)

Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards,


Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi

Yes, i was on vacation for a while :smiley:

Thanks this resolved my problem :+1:t3:

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Feel free to approach me anytime! :slight_smile:


For sure :smiley:

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