Matches to string


I am using matches activity and getting the below output
CR123 CR264 CR832…so on

I need it to fill this in the excel in one cell
how can I do it?

Hi @Apchu
I suggest to loop on the matches and then use a write cell for the values

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli
thankyou for your reply

I need it without looping.

Through looping I get values like this and the count is dynamic , I wanna write this in one single cell in the excel

You can store the Concat of strings in a variable

At every loop you assign Var=Var+item.ToString

And then write that

If you don’t want to use a loop, you can join the matched items to a string like this:

myString = String.Join(Environment.NewLine, Matched_Number.OfType(Of Match)().Select(Function(m) m.Value))

Or if you prefer to have a space between the matches:

myString2 = String.Join(" ", Matched_Number.OfType(Of Match)().Select(Function(m) m.Value))

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