Matches Activity Returns Blank

Hi, All!

I am new in UiPath and I started to work on Reg-Ex lately.
I have an invoice PDF and scraped some text from PDF with Screen Scraping.

Text is:
"2481 Felosa Drive

Llano, Texas

Pin Code 78643


TIN: 14122226789"

– When I want to scrap TIN number; I use this expression;

Unfortunately tha macthes activity returns blank value, although I verified by opening the activity and test the expression.

I will add pictures. I do not know what is my fault. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you very much.
Rg-Ex 2


Can you try the following pattern?




OMG! It worked. But I want to grasp the logic of this. What was wrong with my expression?


What was wrong with my expression?

(?=\s) means it matches characters which before whitespace (\s). However, as there is no whitespace after number in your sample, it doesn’t match. So, I removed unnecessary pattern : (?=\s)

Hope this helps you.


Thank for your help. I am newbie in UiPath :slight_smile:

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