Matches Activity Missing in UiPath.System.Activities v23.4.2 Package

The “Matches” activity is missing in UiPath.System.Activities v23.4.2, however the same was available in the previous version (v23.4.1 - preview). I am trying to find a match on a string variable using the Matches activity. Can anyone suggest if there is a bug in the updated version or how this can be fixed?


Hello @Arijit_Sarkar

i think they changed activity name at System v23.4.2 version you can see at picture below

Type and output type are still same.

but i’m not totally sure about this



Find matching patterns should work the same way


This is correct. The display name was changed to something more descriptive.

  • there is no breaking change this way
  • the old names were added as synonyms to the corresponding activities so that you can find them both by the old and the new name

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