Matches activity has no wizard

when drag matches activity to workflow, It does no show wizard button, also invoke code activity has no edit code button

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Hi @tanlihua,
Can you tell me which version of Studio do you have. Please additionally check your version of .Net Framework.

Btw. Can you share the project here so I could check it?

I have no permission to upload attachment,the studio is ok two days ago ,my operation system is win10,.NET FRAMEWORK IS 4.7.2

Can you provide me your current Studio version? It’s located on the start page in left bottom corner.

my version is newest, studio Pro 2020.4.1-beta.22 Community License,
I find some error info in 2020-05-19_Studio.log,maybe it is helpful for you,
I am waiting you reply on line,it is urgently for me,please.

10:41:32.4266 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] ActivitiesRegistrationService.SafeRegister Error while registering UiPath.Core.Activities.Design.DesignerMetadata: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Management.Automation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35’ or one of its dependencies. access denied。
10:41:32.8380 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] System.IO.IOException: Cannot locate resource ‘themes/icons.xaml’.

Indeed it’s strange. Can you please show me all dependencies expanded from your Project pane so I could see if all packages are properly resolved?

I have upload a picture,can you see it?

Sure. Can you expand all of dependencies?



studio_3 (4.3 KB)

The error in the log looks like something is blocking your feed/dependencies. Please try to temporary switch off antivirus if there is any. Additionally you can check of all package feeds are properly enabled and you can older two folders:

Thanks for your reply, I add all privilege of c:\users to administrator user ,then reopen studio,the activities show proper,then remove administrator‘s privilege of c:\users and restart computer,open the studio and find it is ok。
So,the problem is temporary solved,tomorrow I will test the studio and see if it is ok。
Thank you again.

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