Matches Acitivities Can't RegExp running

안녕하세요. txt파일에서 정규식을 사용하여 특정패턴을 추출할려고 합니다.

  • txt파일 내용 => " 1 / 1

A BCDE 122-81-00804 "

  • 정규식 표현 => “(?<=1 / ?.?\n\n\D{7})(\d{3})-(\d{2})-(\d{5})”
  • 예상 결과 => “122-81-00804”

Maches Activites의 “정규표현식 구성” 에서는 추출이 되지만,
실제 실행하면 추출되지 않았습니다.

관련된 프로그램을 올립니다.

도와주세요 (38.1 KB)

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Hello @k102,

Try the below pattern


Thanks for reply.
But, need recognition "1 / ? "

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sorry i did not get?

You need to use “1/1” as an Anchor here?

Check this (?<=1\s\/\s1\n\D{7})(\d{3})-(\d{2})-(\d{5})

or you can try this (?<=1\s\/\s1\n\D{8}).[0-9].*

test here Regex

Thank you.
but, apply Matches Activites, Can’t extraction target. “Castiterator{}” is Null.

@k102 - Here you go…I have fixed your code…

XAML: Main.xaml (7.0 KB)


Regex Pattern I have used:

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Thank you very much.
It’s sucess.

Regex strom site very good :+1:

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@k102 - Please mark my post as solution. It will help close this thread and help others in finding the solutions easily.

Dear Pradeep_Shiv.
I don’t forget your help.
Thank you very much.

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