Matches [A-Z] is giving me also lower cases why?

1.- I have the word “Charles” into a string variable
2.- I put a “matches” activity into workflow just with the simple “[A-Z]” to receive just the “C” letter because is the only one in Upper Case right?
3.- I put a “Message box” into a for each in the workflow to see the results
4.- Play… and then…

I receive one message box for each letter: “C” … “h” … “a” … “r” … “l” … “e” … “s”

Why? There is a way to receive just Upper Cases ? I want to receive “KDS” if I wrote “Kevin Da Silva”

I hope you can help me with this… Thank you

[A-Z] will match only upper case
Try /G[a-b]./i or try [A-Z][a-z]*.


Hi @Divyashreem I’ve found the problem. When we use “Matches” activity we have some options I didn’t see into properties panel. One of them is “IgnoreCase” and It was checked in my properties:


That’s the reason why [A-Z] Wasn’t working and was giving me lower cases also.

Thank you for your time :blush:


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