Match value from excel to application and input row value to application

Hi, I am very new to UIpath, and is trying to figure out the following:


  1. Process starts with typing in credentials in to application
  2. Pop-up comes up with a set of codes ([B2] [B5] [E5]) and other text
  3. I then screen scrap the pop-up and get code and convert into data table so it reads: row 1 will be B2, row 2 will be B5, row 3 will be E5
  4. I then open up another spreadsheet and read range. This spreadsheet contains 2 columns, 1st column contains all the codes, 2nd column contains the corresponding value

Need Help in:
5. I want to match the codes we get from step number 3 to number 4, and populate the corresponding value from the spreadsheet to an application. ex. if B2 comes up in the popup, and according to spreadsheet, B2 = 5, then I want to then type 5 into the pop-up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

found my answer from the excel vlookup tutorial