Match Names on different excel sheets

I would like to match the text of column 0 (Descrição) in the “Consulta Movimentos” Sheet with the text from column 2 (Nome 1) in the “DadosSAP” Sheet. The problem is that the texts are not the same, only part of them. Is there any way to do this match and extract from the “DadosSAP” sheet the information from columns 0 and 1 to fill in the “Consulta Movimentos” sheet in columns 2 (Nº SAP) and 3 (Gestor(a))?
I can send an image if it helps!

If there is a partial match in the cell values then you can use the string functions to extract the portion of the text that does match eg
myString = “hello world”
myString.substring(6,5) will return 5 characters starting with the 7th character in the string
returns: “world”

please give examples of the values you need to match?

The first datatable is on the left image and the second database is on the right image. The problem is that the database (right image) hasn’t the equal information.

Sorry but I am not clear on which rows you want to match in the left and right sheets.
In the first image you have a row linked to TLINE SOLUTIONS, SOCIEDADE and the left spreadheet you have TLINE SOLUTIONS, UNIPESSOAL - is it those two rows you want to match?

Exactly! Is that rows that I want to match, but for all rows (Descrição) in the left sheet. The problem is that the text it’s equal just until one part.