Match Excel Data in one sheet with another sheet

Hi Everyone ,

My Requirement is I have an excel sheet with name “App Data”

1.It has many columns , one which i need are “start date” , “end date” , “estimated end date” , “Email ID”
2.I need to check for the “end date” column and see whether it is expired i.e., passed today’s date
3. If it is expired then i need to check another column named “[MD/GEC/Others]”
4.If it is “others or md " in that columns need to send mail to the email id in “EMaild ID” column which is in same sheet
5. Else if it is “GEC” in that column i need to check other sheet named “Circulation” in same excel and compare “Email ID” from main sheet to “Email ID” in circulation sheet” and send mail to them .

Thanks in Advance.

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Hey @kavya.s16

Yes this looks possible.

  • Read the table from Excel and save it to a DataTable

  • Use ForeachRow to iterate through the table rows

  • You can use IF to validate the rules you said which will be kind of nested with And Or

  • Based on the IF evaluation you can send email accordingly

Hope this helps