Match excel column value with varaible

visitid.xlsx (7.9 KB)
hello everyone I have a variable in which visit id is store,
we have to search that variable value to excel, and mark “searched done” in the status column
please help me with xmal

Read range to data table. Then look up data table:

Type searched target column where this value should be found. Place that variable which you want to find. Place int_var in row found. Then you can write cell to F column with row equals int_var + 2

i did same, but after first run no data will filled


Check as below

OR you can use using the Filter Data Table also

Once that done in If condition you can write to Datatable back as

Dt.Rows(index).Item(“status”) = “searched done”

where index is the counter

Hope this helps you


hi i also try this but the problem is remain change, at first run it works but at second run it goes to else part


Do you have anyother sheet for VisitID?

As you are searching for the Visit Id, VisitID will have multiple ID’s ?

where are you getting the VisitID value?


from the same excel,
first i take visit id from same excel, then i have check that visit it in software, if that value matched, then i have to come in same excel and and marked done in status column


Sorry, I didn’t get you clearly

If you are taking the visit ID from excel and entering the visit ID in a software, but where are the steps of checking the visit ID into software?

Also row(“PID”) the header is not available in the excel you attached


i also try filter data table

i get this error Write Cell: The range AT does not exist.

all the step i done already, the thing is that i unable to mention done status in same excel after first run

Hi @ashishmani

Please try the below method.

1, Use read range activity, and make output as dt.

2, Use Assign activity, create variable as 'compareDT ’ and variable type as DataTable. Assign value as below."[visit id]="+Visit_ID+"").CopyToDatatable

3, Use another assign activity, under ‘To’ give compareDT.rows(0)(“status”) and under ‘value’ give “searched done”.

can you help me with a xaml file

Please find the below screen shot, try this method.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (i get this error)

Hi @ashishmani

This error will occur since no values as been passed in your variable. It means your variable is nothing.

Can you share exactly where you got this error.


i change the code but still have same issue


when status get “already” it flow well, but when status is done, its give object refernce issue

Is it possible to share the xaml and excel file. So that I can validate and solve the issue.


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