Match each and every element using FIND CHILDREN

I have 10 columns in a screen.i have to match each and every element with given field.
If matched then then on 1st element
Action Name Street City State Country
Edit Sachin Dk Mumbai Maharashtra India

Now If Name,Street,city,State,Country matches then i will click on Edit Button.

I am using Find Children to get each element,but not match the fields and click on Edit.

Can you say more about this? How are you comparing?

element 1
if( aaname = “xyz”)

Additionally I think you could try data scraping and write a datatable select using the condition specified. Once match found click on respective Edit button in the screen (probably manipulate the selector of Click activity)

these data are not coming into datatable format
i have tried it.

if element1=“qwe”
and element2=“asd”
then click on Edit

Can you share your xaml or paste the screenshot. I want to see which attribute is holding your field values and if you are comparing the correct field. Usually its aaname and you can check in the UiExplorer.

Will probably be easier if you can use Extract Structured Data, then you can use the row Index to determine which Edit to click.

But if not,
Seems like you need to know how many children are in a row, then you can use that number to click on Edit.

The Edit should have a parameter like rownumber or idx. idx might not work though if only certain rows have the button.

So if you have “Action Name Street City State Country” so 6 children per row

Then pseudocode being:
Assign counter = 1
Assign row = 1
ForEach children
If counter = 6 then Assign counter = 1; Assign row = row + 1, Else Assign counter=counter+1
If there’s a match, Click Edit with row in selector

Hope that maybe strikes some ideas.


Yaa its aaname that i am using in Get Attribute.
I Have to match the aaname of all the field.
i am able to match first element and rest three element are not matched.

What do you mean by non matched?
What is the output you are getting for those 3 elements?
Is Robot returning wrong column values?

i m attaching a Sample Workflow and Screen Shots.
this is just Sample.


in this IF company name ,Last price and volume matches then click on symbolMain.xaml (10.8 KB)

i am using this website for this.

Your approach seem to be incorrect here as you are checking a variable to contain 3 values at the same time (AND Operator).

Have 3 different variables and check for colname getattribute before aaname getattribute.

colname getattribute
If (colname = Company)
aaname getattribute. --> varCompany

colname getattribute
If (colname = Volume)
aaname getattribute. --> varVolume


can u give one sample

new.xaml (17.3 KB)

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thanks a lot

I am not able download this Xaml file .
its opening like text file

its opening as text file.
I m not able to download it.

What if two rows each and every field is same
then click on 2nd matched row .
how to click on 2nd matched row.