Match data of first column

Hi Guys,
I have a datatable below:


Now i want my bot to read the datatable till data in column rows are the same i.e. if my row 1,2,3 contains newjersey then it should read the data and populate on webpage and once it reaches newyork it should close the tab,it should not populate data on newyork on webpage.For newyork it will open the fresh page and then populate its data.
How can it be done?

yup, try first reading the unique rows from the data table.
distinctDT = Datatable.DefaultView.Totable(true, "city")
This will have only newjersey and newyork
Then ForEach of distinctDT
Use a filter on your main data table and get only the rows that match.
filteredDT = Datatable.Select("city='"+row.toString+'")
Now you can have a forEach on your filteredDT in which you open webpage, enter data and close.

It will repeat for each unique city and do so in a new web instance.


here is a working sample.
you can add your extract logic to get your data table and inside the for each your web page sequence

DataRowsBatchProcess.xaml (8.9 KB)
city.xlsx (8.8 KB)