Match data and extract multiple values

I have the next JSON desarialize:

“users”: “”,
“password”: “password1234#”,
“portal”: “WebCenter Portal - Portal and Composite Applications Solution | Oracle”,
“Agencia:”: “agencia_”,
“aseguradora”: “harmall”

How can I extract all data between {}, if matches with the string “

Thank you in advance.

there are several options e.g.

  • classical JSON Processing
  • Deserializing into a Dictionary (would work in your case, due no complex datatypes are in use) and checking for the string “

Hi @Mauricio_Reyes,

You can use something like that let’s say deserialize json is jsonObject . Now you get the value of portal like this jsonObject(“portal”).ToString it will return you WebCenter Portal - Portal and Composite Applications Solution | Oracle layout/url/ .
Now can check whether this string will contain you will get whole json for that you can use deserialize json then right after you can use For Each loop and argument type should be Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken and save these value in a variable or you can convert your JSON into the data table using these steps:
1/ deserialize JSON as described.

2/ convert it into dictionary
dic = jsonObject.ToObject(of Dictionary(of string, string))

3/ build datatable using BuildDataTable activity

4/ convert dictionary into datatable
dt = (From row In dic Select dt.Rows.Add(row.Key.ToString,row.Value.ToString)).ToArray.CopyToDataTable

Hope it helps.